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Skin Care

Revitalize your skin with the innovative skin care technologies from The Mentholatum Company. The brands in this category offer solutions for acne, face and body care, anti-aging and sensitive skin.

OXY® Hada Labo Tokyo PHISODERM®

Eye Care

Rohto® Cooling Eye Drops provide effective solutions for redness, dry eye, multi-symptom and itch. Rohto® is the only eye drop with Freshkick™ technology to soothe and comfort eyes for up to 8 hours.

Rohto® Cooling Eye Drops

Lip Care

Hydrate your lips with Softlips® and Natural Ice® smooth and effective lip care for dry, chapped lips. Your lips will love the way they feel!

Softlips® Natural Ice®

External Pain Relief

Get fast-acting and long-lasting relief with our wide range of topical pain remedies that include patches and rubs.

WellPatch® Deep Heating®

Cough and Cold

The Mentholatum name has been trusted for generations for the relief of symptoms associated with coughs and colds. Find soothing relief with Mentholatum® Nighttime Vaporizing Rub, classic Mentholatum® Original Ointment or Mentholatum® Cherry Vaporizing Rub for Kids.

Mentholatum® Ointment & Vaporizing Rubs

Oral Care

Get effective relief from toothache pain, mouth sores and denture discomfort with The Mentholatum Company oral care products.

Red Cross Oral Care Snug®


Since 1871, Fletcher’s® Laxative has been providing safe, gentle, natural digestive relief for children.

Fletcher's® Laxative for Children